• Huevos rancheros
  • Chocolate mousse tart
  • Interior, bar area


About us

As a renowned trainer Manuel was brought to the United States to train Pasos stateside, where they're imported for their grace and legendary smooth ride. Life took a turn when the job fell through. With little prospects and two daughters Paola and Natalia, the Mendoza's did what any family does; they prayed to God and turned to Mamma. Elsa was already an established and gifted chef, baker and pastry maker. The family started to sell her pastries out of a van in the parking lot after church, and it quickly became a family affair. The delicacies were so well received a loyal following began to grow. Patisserie Cafe was opened soon after, supplying such high-end bakeries as Dean & Deluca and others.

The Mendozas held a simple belief that became their guiding principle: that good food comes from simple ingredients...but always from the best ingredients. And they still believe that passion and love are essentials to go into every recipe. It has been the keystone of their café, and they have traveled the world learning from the best in honing their craft. The result is the fabulous foods of Patisserie Cafe. The horseshoe in the Patisserie Cafe logo is a reminder of life's unexpected journeys, and how lucky we all are. We invite you to enjoy life and to remember that every time you eat, is a chance to eat something fresh and delicioso. Thank you for visiting Patisserie Cafe.